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Collaborating & Influencing

promotion Boutique Boutique Revel promotion Revel Revel Wedges Boutique Wedges Wedges promotion Collaborative leadership is essential to meet the challenge of greater personalisation of services and integrated working. As pressure grows on resources, working with and influencing others in strategic roles across organisations and sectors is an increasingly important way to achieve optimum outcomes.

As a manager your role may involve:

  • promotion Boutique Revel promotion Wedges Revel Boutique Boutique Wedges Revel Wedges promotion building trusting relationships and using evidence to influence the thinking, behaviour and practice of colleagues in other organisations
  • managing a range of complex and conflicting perspectives to move towards a shared solution
  • promotion Revel Wedges Wedges Boutique promotion Wedges Boutique Revel promotion Boutique Revel demonstrating how collaborative work across boundaries is leading to improved outcomes
  • influencing people over whom you have no authority, who may also have leadership roles
  • supporting collaborative approaches with people who use your service, and with workers at all levels in the workforce.

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Examples from Practice

promotion Wedges Boutique Boutique Boutique promotion promotion Revel Revel Wedges Wedges Revel What Others Say

Ambassadors for careers in care
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"Good intent is not sufficient to bring about change and research participants identified leaders’ ability to influence other people: ‘persuade and influence decisions in places where you have no objective authority."

Enabling Leadership Research, SSSC, 2016

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