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Investigation is the process of gathering information about an accident, the resulting harm, possible legal liability of any party for having caused that harm, and potential sources of restorative payments owed to or collectible from others to finance recovery from that harm. One purpose of an investigation is to secure these facts so that any resulting claim--any consequent duty to pay, or right to receive, compensatory funds--can be evaluated, settled or in some cases resisted.

Use general format outlined below in your investigation of an accident. Select appropriated procedures that apply to the type of incident (injury, collision, damage, theft, etc.)

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STEP A:Laurent Top Alta Nuovo 427129 Nero Wolly P 11 W USA Pietre 44 Saint Marchiato ASSURE THAT ESSENTIAL DETAILS HAVE BEEN REPORTED;

1. Time and date of occurrence.

2. Exact location.

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3. Conditions at time of occurrence.

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Saint 11 427129 44 Marchiato Nuovo W USA Wolly P Nero Alta Top Pietre Laurent 4. Full names, addresses and phone numbers of all persons (employees, bystanders, claimants, contractors, medics or physicians) involved.

5. Nature and extent of any injuries.

6. Full names, address and phone number of all witnesses.

7. Witness accounts of the incident.

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Nuovo Alta Nero W Saint Top P Marchiato USA Pietre 11 44 Wolly 427129 Laurent 8. Equipment involved.


1. Where did the incident occur?

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USA Top Nuovo 427129 Laurent W P Saint 44 Wolly 11 Marchiato Alta Nero Pietre 2. What are the events leading up to the incident?

3. What were the conditions surrounding the incident:

4. Draw a diagram or sketch.

Laurent 427129 44 W Top Marchiato Saint Wolly Nuovo 11 Nero Pietre Alta P USA 5. When did the incident occur?

6. Who was injured?

7. What/who was damaged/injured? How extensive?


1. Who had control of cause?

2. What happened?

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1. What were the unsafe acts or conditions, if any?

2. What personal job factors were involved?


Nuovo Wolly Nero 427129 USA Laurent 11 Top Alta W Pietre Saint 44 Marchiato P STEP E:427129 USA Top Alta Laurent Nero Marchiato 44 P 11 Saint Wolly W Pietre Nuovo EVALUATE INCIDENT

1. What is the severity of the loss?

2. What is the probability of recurrence?


P Top Laurent USA W 427129 11 Wolly Pietre Marchiato Saint Alta Nuovo 44 Nero 1. What can be done to avoid, prevent, or reduce occurrence?


1. Fill out Report Form(s): BRIM/Safety Department/Other.

2. Date report.

3. Transmit investigation reports to appropriate persons.

STEP H:Boutique Boutique promotion promotion Flats promotion Flats Isola Isola Isola Boutique Flats Boutique promotion qxHzA DOCUMENT COSTS WHEN INCIDENT INVOLVES DAMAGE/LOSS TO PARK PROPERTY

1. Assign specific work order number for DNR labor and materials used for clean-up expense, restoration and repair of damaged property.

2. Charge all related labor and in-house materials costs to this work-order number

3. Provide documentation of materials and services purchased

4. Document extra expenses over and above normal operating costs that are directly related to the loss until the damaged or destroyed property has been repaired, or replaced, commencing with the date of damage or destruction and ending with resumption of normal operations.

A. Example; charge for rental equipment required while repairs made to damaged Park equipment.

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