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7 Answers
Corey Elizabeth Brennan, isn't language fascinating?

It means that, rather than picking up on how you actually are feeling, the other party prematurely assumes to understand how you're feeling, based on their own machinations.  For example, suppose you are grieving a loss, such as the death of a pet.  The person may sense that you are sad, but fabricates a different reason, such as that work is not going well, without bothering to ask if they are right about the reason.  A more serious projection would be, since they themselves are happy, they see you and assume that you are also happy and fine, despite clues to the contrary if they were to actually pay attention.  It usually indicates that someone is self-absorbed for the moment, if someone is projecting their feelings onto you.  It's usually correctable, but it is the beholder's responsibility to correct it.  If you're willing to straighten out the facts for them, it can help the process of correction along, but it still is ultimately their responsibility.

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Timberland In Boot W trekking Womens Premium shoes 6 A1K38
Fred Slocombe, At least 50 years experience as a human.
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Sort of like when a clerk at a store is being rude to you, you think they are intentionally mean to you, but really they are frustrated about something else in their lives and just having a bad day.

Technically it could be said that you were projecting anger at you, onto the clerk. The same could be said about the clerk projecting anger at the clerk, onto you.

I personally don’t like the word projection in the context of psychology. We make assumptions about other people around us, based on our own egotistical expectations. Sometimes I remind myself that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Do you want someone to think and project about you and your feelings?

If your answer is no then why you worried abou the meaning ?

Learn KISS , keep it simple stupid and If you learn to say yourself “mind your own business “ will make your life easier in case someone poke their nose tell them same

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Mona Charrouf, I deal with people all the time.

Premium Timberland W In trekking 6 Boot shoes Womens A1K38 It means that whatever they're feeling, they will act onto you. If they're angry at something, they might raise their voice at you even if it isn't meant for you.

People's psychological well-being tends to affect their mood...

They need someone to talk to. To listen to them so that they can get their feeling out. They just don’t know how to ask for that help. They may be afraid that no one would want to help them.

Womens A1K38 Timberland trekking Boot In Premium W 6 shoes Nothing.

6 A1K38 Boot Premium trekking Womens shoes In W Timberland They are just running their mouths off for emotional release.

You just happen to be their audience.

Once it ebbs, it’s all as it was.

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