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Posted by Melvyn Cox, on
I have just had a new internal door fiited in an understair cupboard in my kitchen. It is a plain door and has been pre - primed by the supplier. I have given the door a coat of white undercoat which looks excellent. ( I used a 6 inch wide roller). I am now ready to apply the final top coat (s) in white. Previously whenever I have tried to do a final gloss paint finish I have ended up with horrible streaks when using a paint brush. Should I use the roller again with Crown Satin Stay White? Thanks Melvyn
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Stephen Walker

Personally I would use a mini roller to avoid brushstrokes, Spread the paint evenly to avoid runs. I don't use The foam mini rollers as they can leave bubbles in the Paint surface which thin out and pop and can Leave tiny circlular marks. Go for a mini roller with a short pile. Also I use Dulux trade gloss - it has an excellent consistency that Dries with a fabulously smooth finish. It is quite thin so be careful and look out for runs. Good luck !
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Tony Priestley

Hi, Try using a synthetic brush but use a fine sand paper before painting, preferably sand paint then sand and paint again it is worth the effort in the long run. Dulux Trade satins are very good, good luck. Tony.

Derek Nelson

Hi Melvyn , any time I'm doing doors I roll them and then lay off with the brush , but you need a roller that is well worked in to the paint as this means the roller doesn't cast any hair, if its only 1 door just give two coats of satin and that should leave a good finish especially after you have undercoated it.

John Barnicoat

I agree with Trevor- I personally swear by dulux satinwood all day long. You can use either a decent gloss brush. ( soft bristles) or a good quality micro roller

michael fraser

if the roller you have used is a very short pile roller you need to roll it on very evenly vertically and horizontally then take a brush which i presume has been dipped in the paint finish? scrape the brush out of any excessive paint and tip the door off ie: take the brush from bottom of door to the top applying a soft stroke

Rochelle & Stephen Brignall

Depending on finish of doors within your house gladly use the roller for your finish coat but if other doors within your house are brush finished apply top coat with a roller then lay the top coat off with a brush by light smooth strokes in an upwards motion with a good quality soft bristled brush ie Hamilton or our recommended choice purdy 2 inch brush, but for a cheap quality brush Hamilton are doing a brush which is recommended for laying off for £6-£7 at any good paint store.
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kraig dunn

i think you ll find its the quality of brush your using and without being rude your inexperience of painting and the knowledge of paints. id suggest you use a dulux oil based undercoat trade paint from a proper paint shop not your retail sellers. i myself roller in the panels first then line them off with a high quality brush "purdy" then roller the main frame work of the door then line it off again. i repeat this process when applying the gloss. K&D Painting

Jason Thompson

Always try to use the best quality paint you are willing to pay for. Dulux trade is a good example. if using satin, go with a smaller 4" foam gloss roller and apply thinly over the top half of the door and then use your fine/firm tipped brush to lay off the rolled on paint, before its settling. then do the same for the bottom half of the door slightly overlapping the top & bottom with the brush strokes to bring into 1. Satins & eggshells need a firmer brush stroke & gloss a lighter stroke. Always with the tips if the brush.

Allan Russell

Good morning Melvyn if your top coats are oil based then use a foam roller being careful not to get tramlines in your work laying off with a good quality bristles brush if you do, you'll need a brush to cut in with around hinges locks etc anyway ,bit if your top coat is water based then use a good quality synthetic brush eg Purdy trying not to over work the material, hope this was helpful. Allan Russell Coalville Decorating Services

Trevor Wood

Hi Melvyn The brushstroke effect is still very popular. Though there are many people who now prefer the flat/orange peel effect finish gained by using a decent quality gloss/mohair roller sleeve. So it really is just down to preference. You may need to give an extra coat or two as the roller technique tends to spread the paint out. If your looking for a good quality paint try Dulux Trade Satinwood. Kind regards Trevor Wood TSW Decorators

Tony Michael

Melvyn.if the door is totally flat then I don't see any problem in repeating the procedure with a mini long as it is flat,obviously with any beading or architraves to door you would need to use a small quality brush to cut in these areas. thanks tony

Clayton Carmichael

If you don't like the brush affect use the roller again roll like the letter w to try and get even coat

Mostafa Tavengar

Hi Melvyn, If it is a flat door then sand it down with a fine sandpaper, brush off any dust, and use a sponge roller to apply the paint. If it is a panel door then sand it as before but use a brush. Make sure you have an even cover all over and ensure that you keep the brush well loaded, and finish each section with an upward stroke to even out the finish. For a perfect finish, if you have the time and inclination, take the door off its hinges and paint it lying flat. Good luck :-)

Robert Shaw

Yeah you can use a mini rol ler and that will give you a orange peel Affect I would give it to coats of Top coat for best results I hope this helps Ian

Shaun Odonnell

Yes, use the roller. If its a water based gloss use a new sleeve, but wash it first and dry. Then,as you apply the gloss use the tips of the brush after rolling each section.
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Reece Hosken

Use a 4" cashmere roller and don't overload it You will find the finish so much better The roller from a colour centre supplier will charge less tha a fiver for it Wash it out well and it will last years Regards Reece Hosken Handyman Solutions

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